3 Stellar Resources for E-learning Champions!

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Due to the complexity of innovative and engaging e-learning solutions, TTRO has a list of go-to resources, filled to the brim with brilliant insights and advice. The trick here is to never stop learning and improving your e-learning solutions – always push the envelope, break the boundaries and dream big. Who wants mundane and boring learning? No-one. Ever. In no particular order, here are some of the faves from our internal staff.

1: E-learning Industry

This comprehensive e-learning website is an industry staple. With over 360 contributing authors you get global industry advice with 90 fresh, new blog articles each month. They cover very relevant topics such as Industry trends and best practices and have amazing free resources and e-books that you can download and add to your toolkit. All in all a great go-to whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran.

2: Futurism

If you are not looking at the incredible opportunities that await us with regards to the elevation of learning through technology, you will be left behind. Futurism is constantly updating us on the marvels of man, science and technology. Get those imagination engines running high and be excited about the future of Education 4.0. The future is now.

3: Interaction Design Foundation

If you are a UX/UI Designer, Developer or a Solutions Architect, this is the holy grail. Good design will only ever enhance your learner’s experience, and most people don’t realise there is a powerful psychology behind the most design. Pairing good design heuristics, learning methodologies and good UAT practice is a recipe for great success. The Interaction Design Foundation has “the biggest and most authorities library of open source UX design resources”. They also have fantastic online courses that you can subscribe to. Up your e-learning game with good design and well thought-out solutions.

At TTRO we want to keep giving e-learning a good name and banish the scars that “rapid” e-learning inflicted upon those poor learners of the past. Fight the good fight fellow Designers and Developers and keep producing beautiful and engaging content!

Author: Kate Atkinson

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