Naspers Group – All about Whistleblowing
‘All about Whistleblowing’ is part of a suite of global Naspers Group compliance e-learning programmes. Naspers equips their staff with the knowledge and skills to competently and confidently apply compliance policies on a daily basis.
The Naspers Group compliance e-learning programmes teaches staff how to perform their duties ethically, and know the difference between right and wrong. This minimises risk for Naspers and all its stakeholders.

Objective: To equip staff with the knowledge and skills to report unethical conduct, either anonymously, partially anonymously, or confidentially.


Target Audience: All staff in all business areas, across the more than 130 countries in which the Naspers Group operates.

Deployment: Learners will be able to access the e-learning programme on the Naspers MyAcademy platform using a computer or mobile device.